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UPDATE: Megalodon Bronze / Titanium

Some of you may be wondering why we processed the cards a week ago and are not shipping yet, we have received a few emails daily asking this question, so here is a status update. We are using a pre-order software that allows you to use a credit card and purchase the watch before it is sold on our website. We did not to run the cards until we were close to a shipping time. But we are finding that most card companies block the charge and the customers have to authorize the payment by contacting the card company or bank. We are still looking at 11 failed purchase attempts this morning. So the reason we processed them a week ago was to deal with all the failed cards and sort out the problems BEFORE the watches arrive from the factory. For future “PRE-ORDERS” on future models we will be billing the cards right away, months before delivery to avoid these card issues, we will also offer a special reason to pay a pre-order such as a discount on the watch or additional straps to be included.

At this time the watches are nearly ready to be sent from the factory to my office. I have asked them not to ship until after July 20th, because I am heading out on a family vacation this week. Sometimes work and family events run into each other. I am just as excited as anyone to get the new Megalodon on my wrist, so I will be sorting them out and processing the orders as soon as I return.

If you are one of the 11 customers still having an issue with our pre-order system and your card company, we can cancel the order and run it through PayPal when I return. I will contact each of you to ask what you want to do.

Kind Regards,
Steve Laughlin

Update: Bronze/Titanium Megalodon

Here is the latest news on the STEVRAL MEGALODON bronze and titanium project. We are looking at a mid July delivery to the customers who placed a pre-order. This means we will begin billing the pre-orders this week starting today (Monday, June 27th 2016). This gives us the next two weeks to sort out any billing issues that might come up between the pre-order software and the bank/credit card companies. These issues are normal and are typically resolved quickly. If there is an issue we can not resolve, we can cacel the pre-order and use PayPal if you prefer, just email us.

Megalodon Dials

Above is a photo of the actual dial colors. This picture is for color reference only. The final dials will have the word MEGALODON moved to the bottom just above the 2500 M. These colors are approved and look great with the metals they will be paired with. Blue goes with titanium, olive green with the bronze, and black with both. I am looking forward to getting these watches in.

The pre-order time is now finished and we will add any remaining watches or cancelled orders to the Megalodon web page. Those watches will become available after we have completed shipping the pre-orders.

Steve Laughlin

Available Now: Bronze Moray 42mm

Bronze Moray 42mm

The bronze Moray 42mm is now available on the website for purchase. There were 60 total watches produced in this series, most of them selling through a pre-order that was available on the bronze Moray web page . The remaining watches are now available with a PayPal button on our website. All Shipping will begin on Monday June 20th, 2016.
Learn more about the bronze Moray on our website.

Bronze Moray 42mm

Shown above is the turquoise stone dial. Every dial has a unique stone that slightly varies in color and characteristics. Shown below is the new bronze crown with a coin edge grip.

bronze Moray 42mm

The bronze Moray 42 is limited in production to 8 different dials. 4 colors and 2 dial styles. The dial with arabic numbers at 3, 6, 9, 12 and the dart dial which is shown below.

bronze Moray 42mm

You can learn more or make a purchase from the STEVRAL website.


Travel Rolls Available

Watch Travel Roll 800px black

We have just received a small batch of 20 travel rolls. These are produced by hand here in Kansas City. Made with vintage camo on the outside and soft micro fiber on the inside. These travel rolls are great for packing watches, tools, and accessories. This is what I use when I travel and pack 5 watches in my carry-on. As of today we have 16 remaining in stock. Watch this video below for a closer look at the details.

These are currently available on our website under ACCESSORIES. Due to the limited quantity they might be sold out when you visit the page in the future.

Bronze Production

bronze CuSn8

This is an update on the production of the upcoming bronze and titanium watches. This includes the Moray 42MM and the new Megalodons. We are running about a month behind for various reasons including running out of bronze material. The CuSn8 bars we use are not the easiest to source. We buy them from a supplier in Germany and then ship them to our factory. The good news is that the bronze has arrived at the factory and we will now continue with production. In this photo you can see the bronze bars, these are 70mm wide and 20cm long. These will be cut into “hockey puck” shapes before being put on the machines to be reduced into watch cases and bezels. Thank you for your patience as these watches take time to achieve the quality level that we deliver.

Steve Laughlin

Bronze Moray 42 Crown

bronze moray crown

UPDATE: We have received confirmation that the crown on the upcoming bronze Moray 42mm will have a tighter grip pattern, matching the coin edge grip on the bezel. This image gives an idea of how the crown will look. The other images posted on the website will not be updated at this time. Photos will be posted as soon as we have a finished watch in hand. The bronze Moray 42mm is still available for preorder on our website during the production time.



The bronze Moray 42mm is currently in production, the new preorder system is working and some of the models are nearly sold out. We are producing a total of 60 watches in this series and you can see the current availability on the website. We are expecting these watches to be ready around April-May 2016 and we will post another update as we get closer to that time. We have revised the STEVRAL logo a bit and these bronze Morays will feature that update. We will allow for preorders until the watches are ready or sold out. There is a $50 discount for using the preorder system.

Thank you for your continued support!
Steve Laughlin


We are currently offering a preorder on two new Megalodon styles. For these watches you can choose between a bronze case or a titanium case. Both models are available in two different dial choices, totaling four new Megalodons. Both of these cases will be made in small production, we will be making the cases one at a time from solid bars of the metal. This production method does not allow for bracelet production on the titanium watch. Both watches will come with leather and rubber straps with matching buckles to the cases. We will count the preorders next week to determine our production numbers. We are looking to start production soon and the total time for manufacturing will take 4-5 months. If you place an order with our new preorder system your order will not be charged until the watches are ready, and you can cancel your preorder at any time. Visit the Megalodon Titanium / Bronze page for more details.

megalodon preorder


We have completed the shipping of all of the Megalodons that were preordered through Kickstarter. The remaining Megalodons are available on the website. Some of the models including all of the bronze have already sold out. For 2016 we will be planning a 45mm Megalodon in steel and bronze and a 49mm Megalodon in titanium. More details about these projects will be posted on our website when we have the information ready.

Steve Laughlin