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Raven Watches LLC.

July 20, 2017: All of the Megalodon 45mm have been sold and shipped. From this day forward Steve Laughlin will be exclusively working with Raven Watches LLC. We will be bringing this Megalodon 45mm case architecture over to Raven as the Endeavour project, which we will present to the public after we produce the new Venture 42mm. Please visit RAVEN WATCHES and sign up on our news blog to follow our new projects.

News Update: May 2017

The 47mm Megalodons are nearly ready and will be shipping to our office soon, probably next week.

The 45mm Megalodon was delayed because the hour hand was not a good fit for the smaller sized dial and the problem was not noticed until final assembly. New hour hands are being produced and the watches should be ready soon after. We apologize for the delay.

Kind Regards,
Steve Laughlin

December News Update, Part 1

We are in the second week of the bronze Megalodon pre-order. The discounts and pre-order will lasts the whole month of December with a price increase each week. The pre-order closes at the end of 2016 and we will begin production in January 2017. Below are some images to show what these new bronze Megalodons will look like.

bronze Megalodon

Bronze dive watch

bronze dive watch

watch dials

C3 Superluminova

Find out more information and place a pre-order on the Megalodon webpage…


Bronze Megalodon with Swiss ETA 2824

bronze dive watch

We have been producing the Megalodon watch in various forms since 2009. This latest bronze version features a 47mm case sourced from German bars of CuSn8 that are cut on the machines one watch at a time into cases that are water resistant to 2500 meters. Other features include a 5mm thick sapphire dome crystal, Swiss automatic ETA 2824 movement, C3 Superluminova, automatic HRV, unidirectional bezel, screw down crown and case back, rubber and leather premium straps with matching buckles. The Megalodons will be regulated and tested in our Kansas shop before being delivering to the customer.

The pre-order will be open for 4 weeks starting on December 5, 2016. Each week the pre-order price will rise by $20.

Week 1: $950
Week 2: $970
Week 3: $990
Week 4: $1010

When the pre-order ends on January 2nd the final price will be $1030 plus shipping. This is an effort to offer the best discount to the earliest customers. Your pre-order is necessary to bring this project to life and your credit card will be charged when you pre-order. You can request to cancel for a full refund prior to delivery.

Production will begin in January 2017 and will take 4-5 months to complete. We will post updates as we progress with manufacturing.

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STEVRAL News Update


Here is what is going on at STEVRAL HQ at the end of November 2016 …

We are now offering the bronze Moray 42mm with Turquoise stone dial on our website. These watches are built, regulated, and tested at our shop in Kansas. You can order from the website and the watch will be assembled for you and shipped a few days after the order is placed. This edition is limited to 20 watches and is the first series to be assembled here at our shop.

Bronze Turquoise …

We have 7 bronze Megalodon watches available with the matte green dial. We are now shipping these Megalodons on a new 24mm Horse Creek strap from Overland Exchange. These are a nice match for the bronze Megalodon and we will make the strap available for purchase on the website as well.

 Bronze Megalodon …

Now here is some news about Raven Watches… The Trekkers here and available at this time on leather, rubber, or nylon straps. There is a solid link Jubilee style bracelet that is in the works and will be ready ad made available in about 2 weeks. You can see the seven different Trekker options over at

Raven Trekker …

Megalodon 45mm Price Reduction

Megalodon 45mm

We believe the specs on the upcoming Megalodon 45 are going to be mind blowing and the watch price should be higher… but in an effort to be more competitive in the micro watch industry and to get this watch into more hands we are reducing the pre-order price to $890. Customers who have already placed a pre-order have been contacted to receive a $100 refund.

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