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UPDATE: Megalodon Bronze / Titanium

Some of you may be wondering why we processed the cards a week ago and are not shipping yet, we have received a few emails daily asking this question, so here is a status update. We are using a pre-order software that allows you to use a credit card and purchase the watch before it is sold on our website. We did not to run the cards until we were close to a shipping time. But we are finding that most card companies block the charge and the customers have to authorize the payment by contacting the card company or bank. We are still looking at 11 failed purchase attempts this morning. So the reason we processed them a week ago was to deal with all the failed cards and sort out the problems BEFORE the watches arrive from the factory. For future “PRE-ORDERS” on future models we will be billing the cards right away, months before delivery to avoid these card issues, we will also offer a special reason to pay a pre-order such as a discount on the watch or additional straps to be included.

At this time the watches are nearly ready to be sent from the factory to my office. I have asked them not to ship until after July 20th, because I am heading out on a family vacation this week. Sometimes work and family events run into each other. I am just as excited as anyone to get the new Megalodon on my wrist, so I will be sorting them out and processing the orders as soon as I return.

If you are one of the 11 customers still having an issue with our pre-order system and your card company, we can cancel the order and run it through PayPal when I return. I will contact each of you to ask what you want to do.

Kind Regards,
Steve Laughlin