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Update: Bronze/Titanium Megalodon

Here is the latest news on the STEVRAL MEGALODON bronze and titanium project. We are looking at a mid July delivery to the customers who placed a pre-order. This means we will begin billing the pre-orders this week starting today (Monday, June 27th 2016). This gives us the next two weeks to sort out any billing issues that might come up between the pre-order software and the bank/credit card companies. These issues are normal and are typically resolved quickly. If there is an issue we can not resolve, we can cacel the pre-order and use PayPal if you prefer, just email us.

Megalodon Dials

Above is a photo of the actual dial colors. This picture is for color reference only. The final dials will have the word MEGALODON moved to the bottom just above the 2500 M. These colors are approved and look great with the metals they will be paired with. Blue goes with titanium, olive green with the bronze, and black with both. I am looking forward to getting these watches in.

The pre-order time is now finished and we will add any remaining watches or cancelled orders to the Megalodon web page. Those watches will become available after we have completed shipping the pre-orders.

Steve Laughlin

Available Now: Bronze Moray 42mm

Bronze Moray 42mm

The bronze Moray 42mm is now available on the website for purchase. There were 60 total watches produced in this series, most of them selling through a pre-order that was available on the bronze Moray web page . The remaining watches are now available with a PayPal button on our website. All Shipping will begin on Monday June 20th, 2016.
Learn more about the bronze Moray on our website.

Bronze Moray 42mm

Shown above is the turquoise stone dial. Every dial has a unique stone that slightly varies in color and characteristics. Shown below is the new bronze crown with a coin edge grip.

bronze Moray 42mm

The bronze Moray 42 is limited in production to 8 different dials. 4 colors and 2 dial styles. The dial with arabic numbers at 3, 6, 9, 12 and the dart dial which is shown below.

bronze Moray 42mm

You can learn more or make a purchase from the STEVRAL website.