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Travel Rolls Available

Watch Travel Roll 800px black

We have just received a small batch of 20 travel rolls. These are produced by hand here in Kansas City. Made with vintage camo on the outside and soft micro fiber on the inside. These travel rolls are great for packing watches, tools, and accessories. This is what I use when I travel and pack 5 watches in my carry-on. As of today we have 16 remaining in stock. Watch this video below for a closer look at the details.

These are currently available on our website under ACCESSORIES. Due to the limited quantity they might be sold out when you visit the page in the future.

Bronze Production

bronze CuSn8

This is an update on the production of the upcoming bronze and titanium watches. This includes the Moray 42MM and the new Megalodons. We are running about a month behind for various reasons including running out of bronze material. The CuSn8 bars we use are not the easiest to source. We buy them from a supplier in Germany and then ship them to our factory. The good news is that the bronze has arrived at the factory and we will now continue with production. In this photo you can see the bronze bars, these are 70mm wide and 20cm long. These will be cut into “hockey puck” shapes before being put on the machines to be reduced into watch cases and bezels. Thank you for your patience as these watches take time to achieve the quality level that we deliver.

Steve Laughlin