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The bronze Moray 42mm is currently in production, the new preorder system is working and some of the models are nearly sold out. We are producing a total of 60 watches in this series and you can see the current availability on the website. We are expecting these watches to be ready around April-May 2016 and we will post another update as we get closer to that time. We have revised the STEVRAL logo a bit and these bronze Morays will feature that update. We will allow for preorders until the watches are ready or sold out. There is a $50 discount for using the preorder system.

Thank you for your continued support!
Steve Laughlin


We are currently offering a preorder on two new Megalodon styles. For these watches you can choose between a bronze case or a titanium case. Both models are available in two different dial choices, totaling four new Megalodons. Both of these cases will be made in small production, we will be making the cases one at a time from solid bars of the metal. This production method does not allow for bracelet production on the titanium watch. Both watches will come with leather and rubber straps with matching buckles to the cases. We will count the preorders next week to determine our production numbers. We are looking to start production soon and the total time for manufacturing will take 4-5 months. If you place an order with our new preorder system your order will not be charged until the watches are ready, and you can cancel your preorder at any time. Visit the Megalodon Titanium / Bronze page for more details.

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